Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? 


Answer: Tell us what type of vehicle you want by completing the Vehicle Request Form. Once we receive your completed Form we will 

contact you so we can discuss what type of vehicle would best satisfy your needs, wants and budget. 

We conduct On-Line Research to see if your vehicle is available.  We contact you with the results and you select which vehicle(s) to bid

for. You set the maximum price you are willing to pay for the vehicle. 

A buyer/broker agreement is sent to you to fill out. This hires Alternative Auto Broker, LLC as your personal auto broker. The buyer /

broker (contract) agreement states the specific terms of our services and defines the relationship with the client. You are hiring us to get

a vehicle for you within a specified time period stated in the agreement. 


Where do we find your vehicle?

Answer: We buy at auction, directly from the leasing company, before the vehicle goes to a retail dealership. Eliminating the retail

dealership means wholesale prices are passed directly to you. Every month thousands of cars come off lease and go to auction. We

cover every single auction across the country. With such a massive selection you get exactly what you want without compromise.


How do I know I am truly buying at wholesale prices?

Answer: We have access to the wholesale vehicle auction operations and we will share with you appropriate reports that contain an

accurate and up to date vehicle pricing system compiled daily from millions of actual sales at auction sites across the country.


Are the vehicles inspected?

Answer: The wholesale vehicle auction operations inspect and certify millions of used vehicles every year. As a broker, we have internet

access to the pre-sale inspection reports, which include photos, description, mileage, options, damage, tire condition as well as recommendations

for any repair. To help you make a wise decision we will share the inspection reports along with the pricing reports.

Finally, we provide Post-Sale Inspections for all automobiles we purchase for our clients. These inspections will ensure you receive a

quality vehicle free of frame, flood or mechanical damage. Post-Sale Inspections are available with either a 7-day or 14-day guarantee. 


Are the vehicles under warranty?

Answer: A high percentage of vehicles purchased at the wholesale vehicle auction operations are still under the balance of there full

factory warranty.  


Do you verify the history of the vehicle?

Answer:  Before we bid on any vehicle, we use four On-Line resources to verify the history of a vehicle. They are Auto Check

(, Car Fax (, National Insurance Crime Bureau ( and Vehicle History

( We then  share the reports with the client. 


If I am not located near your home office, can you purchase my vehicle On-line?


Answer:  Yes. The wholesale vehicle auction operations has an internet based service that allows us to "attend" a physical auction from

the comfort of our home office. We can catch all the action online as it's happening live, through real-time audio/visual feeds. We can sit

at our computer and see and hear all the action from the auction hall and then, with the click of a mouse, bid and buy your vehicle in real



How do I take delivery of a vehicle purchased On-line?

Answer:  As your personal broker, we can arrange delivery of your purchased vehicle via wholesale vehicle auction operations

Transportation Services.


What is the On-line Research Fee?

Answer: The On-Line Research Fee is nothing more than an earnest deposit. The reason we collect this earnest deposit, which is only

$200.00, is to segregate the casual shoppers from the serious car buyers. The On-Line Research Fee will cover the cost of the Auto

Check and Car Fax report that we complete before bidding. 


How much does Alternative Auto Broker, LLC charge for its broker fee?


Answer:  At Alternative you tell us the vehicle you want, we conduct the Online search, we find it and deliver it to you for

thousands of dollars less. 

Our Broker Fee consist of:

  • Flat Rate Online Research Fee: $200.00

  • A sliding scale based on the amount of money you save.

  • The savings is based on the difference between the wholesale purchase price and the retail dealership internet price or the average

       retail price listed on-line in, Car Fax Retail, Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book and NADA. 

Do you offer financing?

Answer: Yes, we have established relations with several lending institutions who are prepared to assist you with your financing needs. 


Do you require a security deposit?

Answer: Yes, due to the enormous savings derived from purchasing at the wholesale vehicle auction operations, our creditors require a

security deposit of 10% of the maximum purchase price that we've agreed upon. Once your vehicle has been purchased,this security

deposit will be applied to the purchase price. 


What funding sources do you accept for the security deposit?

Answer: There are several acceptable sources of funding for the security deposit


Pay Pal

Certified funds (bank draft or wire transfer)

Email money transfer

Western Union


How do I pay for my car?

Answer: Depending on your preference there are three choices for payment: we can coordinate the financing for you through our network

of lenders, you can pay cash, or you can arrange your own financing. 

What if I'm unable to complete the transaction once you purchase the car?

Answer: If you are unable to complete the transaction; you forfeit the 10% security deposit. 

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